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CARHA Hockey provides resources and support to adult recreational and oldtimers hockey in Canada.

We’ve partnered with CARHA Hockey and Keener Jerseys to bring awesome jerseys to fit any budget to teams across Canada. Get free shipping on sweet jerseys delivered to your door in 3 weeks! Mention "CARHA" and save 10% on your order! Click here to shop jerseys. 

iPlayhockey is pleased to announce a new partnership between iPlayhockey and Hockey Coach Vision.

Hockey Coach Vision is an international hockey drill creation software provider. Hockey Coach Vision takes drill creation and coaching to a new level.

The drill creator allows you to:

  • Easily digitalize your drills and tactics. Watch all your plays using various 2D & 3D-perspectives and add audio comments to them
  • Collect all your knowledge, including Pictures and Videos within Hockey Coach Vision. This allows you to integrate video demonstrations and photos into your practice planning
  • Share your content with your team and staff. This saves time as your staff sees the drills in 3D which saves time explaining at the start of practice
  • Export your packages and lineups as PDFs you can share and print
  • Access content from your organization
  • Share huge libraries of drills, tactics, and practice plans within your organization. This ensures the delivery of high-quality content to everyone in your Portal and allows you to build your knowledge base

As part of the partnership, iPlayhockey has secured a 15% discount code (IPLAYHOCKEY) when signing up for the coach app.

CLICK HERE to take your drills to the next level. 


A collection of free drills are also available from the iPlayHockey Drill Vault