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iPlayhockey is pleased to announce a new partnership between iPlayhockey and Hockey Coach Vision.

Hockey Coach Vision is an international hockey drill creation software provider. Hockey Coach Vision takes drill creation and coaching to a new level. 

The drill creator allows you to:

  • Easily digitalize your drills and tactics. Watch all your plays using various 2D & 3D perspectives and add audio comments to them.
  • Collect all your knowledge, including Pictures and Videos within Hockey Coach Vision. This allows you to integrate video demonstrations and photos into your practice planning.
  • Share your content with your team and staff. This saves time as your staff sees the drills in 3D which saves time explaining at the start of practice.
  • Export your packages and lineups as PDF, you can share and print.
  • Access content from your organization.Share huge libraries of drills, tactics, and practice plans within your organization. This ensures the delivery of high-quality content to everyone in your Portal and allows you to build your knowledge base.

As part of the partnership, iPlayhockey has secured a 15% discount code (IPLAYHOCKEY) when signing up for the coach app. CLICK HERE to take your drills to the next level.

A collection of free drills are also available from the iPlayHockey Drill VaultSee just what Hockey Coach Vision can do!