In the heart of London, a true hockey-loving town, the London Junior Mustangs Purple team went through quite the summer transition. With a handful of new players and 4 new coaches, the team hit the ice in September, ready to see what a new season would bring.

As ice times were scheduled and practices started, you could tell the players were intrigued and curious on what this new coaching staff had to say. The first practice was a revelation. The team's energy was palpable, their spirit was infectious, and their commitment was clear.

In their first game together, the Mustangs played with heart and determination. The players immediately meshed, and the coaches noticed. They ended up winning that game and hit the ground running (or hit the ice skating) for what would hopefully be a special season. 

Word spread quickly about the transformation taking place within the Mustangs. Parents, coaches and even opposing players have brought up how this team looks a bit different than before. So far, the Mustangs have started the season with a 13-5-2 record.

The players have not only continued working on their individual strengths but have also become a tightly knit family. They celebrate every victory and support each other through defeats, growing both as athletes, individuals and young adults.

But the goal isn’t to just win games. Head coach Matt Keron says that “Our job as coaches isn’t to just become a good hockey team and leave it at that. Part of our duty is to provide these players with guidance, support and to continue building skills that will allow them to be successful long past this season. Our biggest impact goes beyond the standings, and this is a focus for us as we progress through the season.” 

The Mustangs are proud and honoured to be named the November iPlayHockey Team of the Month!