Draft Choice Hockey - check out their website to register for summer camp now!

What is the main focus of your camp?

Specialized programs. Skills to concepts teaching and training.

What kind of drills do you do?

Most camps begin as individual skill-based progressions and then move into game concepts teaching players how to use the skills in game situations in small areas.

Tell us about some highlights of your camp!

Staff is the key. All staff are teachers or former students only who know the DCH methodology of teaching. Diversified learning - we group the players according to ages and levels and adjust the teaching levels so each group is developing at an appropriate level. Our Total Player II camp features our on-ice European equipment as tools to assist in improving skills. 

Why should parents sign their kids up for your camp?

If you want technical teaching, with specific body mechanics and thinking of the game with correction, then that is the type of camp we conduct. It is not one instructor blowing the whistle while the other staff lean on sticks, shoot pucks, and do not correct. 

Tell us about your hockey background!

Teacher for 22 years, professional for 7 years. Coached Toronto Marlies AAA 97's to two All-Ontario titles, and OHL Cup finals. Coached Girls AA to three All-Ontario Championships.

What is your player to coach ratio?

1:5/6 usually

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

We have many returning families who attend and we survive on "word of mouth" - parents want teaching and correction, they do not want to see their child go around cones improperly and not be stopped or talked to. We do stop them, and assist their learning without losing pace in the camp.