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Drill Vault

The iPlayHockey Drill Vault is a series of drills that has been created as a resource for coaches to use in conjunction with their existing hockey program.

In addition to the drills available to view on the website, iPlayHockey has developed a complete drill package that you can print off and bring to your next practice or training session. 

For the complete drill package in convenient PDF form, click here (PDF).

The Drills are broken down into four categories:


Shooting Drills


Drill Instructions

  •  and  both leave at the same time ( near blue line; centre line) and sprint to the net and shoot on goal and both curl towards the boards.
  •  passes to   who passes right back to  who passes quickly to   (both  and  follow their pass towards  ) and as they curl to attack up ice for a 2 v 0 -  makes the pass to initiate the attack.
  • The drill then begins starting from the other side.
  • Drill is continuous.
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Passing Drills


Drill Instructions

  • skates to near blueline, pivots backwards to receive pass from 
  •  skates backwards to near blueline and passes across to   ...  supports D1 via puck exchange and sprints to support pass to 
  •  chips the puck up the boards to   in stride and  sprints to shoot on goal - after shot  curls to the corner to give indirect pass to   in the zone
  •  hustles up to the far blue line and receives the pass and side-steps to the middle and shoots on goal
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Skating Drills

Chambers Skating Circuit

Drill Instructions

  • Follow the path above. 
  • Focus is on speed, good edges and crossovers
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Contact us with any drills or drill ideas.