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Type of Hockey

iPlayhockey is pleased to partner with Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers who will offer one of the most affordable hockey insurance options for the following IPlayhockey groups.

  1. Shinny Hockey
  2. Spring and Summer Hockey (contact and non-contact)
  3. Teams and Leagues
  4. Hockey Camps and Schools
  5. Spring and Summer Youth Leagues
  6. 3 on 3 and 4 on 4 Hockey Leagues
  7. Specialty Ice Rentals
  8. Adult Recreational Hockey
  9. Hockey Tournaments
For Registration, Contact Shawn Perrier at or 1-888-361-1352. For insurance details please contact Brenda McClung 1 800-661-1518 at Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers.

*Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers
105 Main Street East
Hamilton, ON
L8N 1G6